Enterprise Student Information System

The aim of the Unimetis is to facilitate and optimize daily routine and processes for the educational institutions regarding all involved persons such as students, teachers etc. Unimetis is cloud or on-premise based information management platform. It is created as xRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Unimetis provides possibilities dynamically manage all students, teachers, partners and other objects involved in the educational process as well as manage their data. Unimetis manages full "life cycle" of the person at the university! Unimetis environment provides easy and understandable management interface. Integrated tools of the system provide easy and fast access to all necessary data just at the right moment when they are necessary. Specially customized user management system allows assign necessary rights for different persons and for different tasks. Unimetis links also with external systems such as human recourses, material recourses as well as with financial data including finance management system, for example, providing reports on students and their financial relations with educational institution.